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Frequently Asked Questions

How will my Knife be shipped?

Unless you call and request a different courier - Canada Post Express Parcel Service is our delivery partner.

Remember Christmas is the most popular time of year for fine knife giving as well as the busiest shipping period. Order soon to secure your fine knife.

What is the Guarantee and Return Policy?

Each knife is checked prior to shipping and paper cut tested to ensure your complete satisfaction. Many of these knives are hand made and each one unique. I guarantee you will receive your new knife in excellent working order. Should there be a problem with the knife on arrival call me 613 786 1000 and keep all the original packaging. I can authorize the return and or remedy the situation asap. The knife must be unused.and as you received it. Any return must be authorized.

It is up to you to care for your new Lamborghini. If you own knives of this hardness and thin performance edge you know how to drive the Lambo. For fine Japanese knife virgins no dropping, cutting bones, pits or cutting on improper surfaces. Doing so will put your Lamborghini into a tree and this is not under warranty. Please take care of your new knife and it will reward you with years of service.

Repairs and Resharpening range from $25 and up plus shipping should you need your knife restored by me.

How do I select a knife or knife collection that's right for me?

You will experience effortless cutting with any of the fine edge knives that we offer. So it becomes a question of your personal aesthetic, budget, your desire and ability to maintain and care for the edge on your new knife. 75 % of the cutting that most cooks do is done by their favorite 2 knives. So unless you require a specialized knife, consider perhaps a Santuko or gyuto as a primary knife and a Petty of Paring knife as your smaller knife. Here are some starting points:

For pure performance, stark simplicity and low maintenance the Artisan powdered steel knives are hard to beat. They are a favorite go to knife of top chefs worldwide in demanding kitchens for their incredible edge retention.

If beauty moves you and budget allows, a knife from the 73 layer will also get you there with its high speed tool steel carbon core. It is pure knife art to use and admire. Our 73 layer is collectable and is very limited in availability.

For stunning beauty at a lower acquisition price consider a knife from the Hammered Damascus collection which are very low maintenance and cut as good as they look in super steel VG10. A knife from this collection is a hot gift.

A knife from the Ninja Chef Collection is a favorite of young chefs for its thin scalpel edge and easy to sharpen AUS carbon core at a budget friendly entry into HP Japanese knives.

If you prefer a traditional Japanese handled blade you will be thrilled with a knife from master Azai San. His knives are strong but delicate and cut with laser like precision. They are simple wonderful cutting instruments with a wait list of 3 months.

If you have ever experienced the edge of a great Japanese black topped Carbon steel knife and are willing to devote a little more care to own them you will be rewarded in every cut. If your budget allows the western handled knives by master Murata-San are becoming quite very difficult to acquire and are very high in demand for the excellent balance and cutting edge he forges in his shop.

Lastly in the traditional zen chef collection you can acquire a blue steel carbon knife that is found in many Japanese kitchens throughout the island. These black beauties take a tremendous edge and are light and comfortable to use. Foodies and chefs love these affordable knives. Remember carbon steel needs to be cared properly and will develop a patina. A drop of Camellia oil or mineral oil is advisable wiped on the blade surface specially for prolonged storage.

How do I clean my new knife?

Fine Japanese knives should only be rinsed, not soaked, in warm soapy water and immediately wiped dry with a soft, clean cloth. If your knife is carbon steel, like the Zen Chef or Murata, extra care must be taken to prevent rust and discoloration. After the knife is clean, run hot water over the blade to heat the blade, then wipe dry with a soft, clean cloth. The heat of the blade will help to evaporate any remaining moisture. Japanese chefs apply a small drop of Camellia oil, carefully over the blade's cutting edge to maintain it. This is an excellent methodology. You could use food safe mineral oil.

NB Never place your fine Japanese knife into the dishwasher on any setting. You will damage your exquisite blade, your handle or both. Hand wash and store immediately to ensure many years of service from your knife.

What is the best method to store my knives?

We recommend storing your new knife on our specially designed wooden, magnetic knife bars. This is a superior solution for 4 reasons:

  1. Our beautiful wooden bars do not damage the knife edge.
  2. The knives are adjacent to your prep station.
  3. The knife bar is sanitary and has no impossible to clean slots that harbor bacteria like most knife blocks.
  4. Our knife rack is the perfect solution to showcase your beautiful knives, for all to enjoy. Expect compliments.
  5. Never place a Japanese knife unprotected or without a sheath, into the cutlery drawer or touching other knives.
Knife racks coming soon

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