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Remy's Skillet Ratatouille


Here is a tasty meal that you can practice your knife skills to prepare. The goal is to plank, stick and cube the eggplant and zucchini into nice 1 inch cubes and the pepper into 1 inch squares. Set aside the cubed vegetables at your prep station in small bowls. Now using the proper onion and shallot technique cut these to medium dice. Rough slice the 3 garlic cloves and have them ready along with the Pomodorino tomatoes.


  1. Put EVO into skillet along with the onions, shallot and garlic
  2. Add sprigs of thyme, rosemary and sambal chili and saute for a 2 mins
  3. Add all vegetable cubes to pan + stir. After 5 minutes of cooking add the Pomodorino's
  4. Cook at low heat until ratatouille becomes tender and flavorful. Adjust salt + pepper.

This rustic French vegetable stew may become a regular meal in your kitchen and will improve your dicing and cubing skills considerably. Enjoy.

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