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Reviews of our Knives

by Chefs and Food Professionals

I purchased my first knife from Chris and then immediately bought a second and a third. I am now planning a fourth and a fifth. It has been such a pleasure getting to know Chris and the new types of knives I have been lucky enough to work with these past few months. My Custom Takeda is truly a beast, a piece of art in the truest sense. The beautiful handle that he made to go with the monster blade is just Awesome! My Takamura gyuto is easily one of the best knives I have ever invested in and had the pleasure of using. It is SO damn sharp it feels like I am cutting with a real Laser. I am so happy to have found Chris and cannot wait to spend more of my future paychecks on more of his gorgeous knives. Thanks for everything!

Chef Jamie Lauren (Top Chef USA Contestant, Rising Star Chef + Culinary Producer)

I never realized how enjoyable food prep could be until I got a Ninja chef Santoku. Wafer thin tomato for bruschetta, beautifully prepared vegetables for ratatouille, tuna and steak sliced in perfect morsels for fondue; these are just some of the possibilities that inspire me to explore new recipes. This knife is now my most cherished kitchen tool, gently wiped clean and placed back in its box until I plan my next meal around using it. Bravo Chris!

V. Seaborn Cook + World Adventurer

I now have a substantial collection of up market knives and the Takamura from Chris is my second example of R2 steel, the other being a Saji Ironwood Gyuto in Damascus cladding, also a very nice knife. Of all my knives, the Migaki is easily the sharpest out of the box and I doubt that my sharpening skills are at a level with which I could match it - the Takamura clan really know how to put an edge on. This Takamura gyuto just slips through material with so little effort Ė itís beyond scary sharp. Impressive knife.

Con Mastoropoulos (Knife Collector)

My 73 layer Sakon Rockstar santoku is gorgeous. It is sleek and wicked sharp, a perfectly balanced extension of my hand. With it"s comfort and performance comes speed. In high pressure culinary competitions I have an unwavering confidence in my Rock star knife. Day in and day out it is my Rock star knife.

Chopped Champion - Chef Norm Aitken

It is an honour to own a limited edition knife hand forged to such a high level of craftsmanship by Takeshi Saji. Each time I use it I marvel at the the beauty,perfect balance and the ease of every cut. Thanks to Chris I have now discovered the difference a world class knife makes. Saji's super Aogami edge may rival a handmade Kramer at a fraction of the cost and without the impossible wait. Now where are those chives?

George Monsour, Owner - Back Lane Cafe

Chris, owner of FineJapaneseKitchenKnives.com expertly customized a 210 mm Shosui Takeda Gyuto with a bad ass handmade, stabilized box elder + burled amboyna octagon handle for me. It is truly one of a kind, smooth, comfortable and weighted just the way I like it. Aogami super is my fav steel and with a 12 degree micro bevel put on it is my daily workhorse with an insanely fine edge.

Jonathan Korecki Top Chef Canada Finalist

My go to every day knife is the 165 mm 73 layer Nakiri. The steel is beautiful, the folds create a wave pattern over the knife blade.The blade itself is very thin and the knife very light. Because of the itís length and balance, it is easily controlled, especially in making specific cuts to portion and in doing fine chopping, to dice or julienne. I work with the knife maybe 20 hours a week then just hone it on a leather strop. The hard Skd edge holds much better than the edge on the old school, big, heavy German knives in my old kit. I sharpen it maybe 4-5 times a year easily on my water stones. 5 years of use and my Nakiri shows little wear with good care. The 73 layer is not made for cutting heavy duty Reggiano wheels. nuts or winter squash but for the work it is designed to do- it does it very,very well.

Chef Richard Nigro Richard's Hintonburg Kitchen

In a professional kitchen like Social, high performance is expected of us, so we need high performance tools. A knife is our primary tool, like an extension of our arm. It must be comfortable in the hand, be razor sharp, and be able to maintain an edge under daily use.

The Ninja Chef Gyuto is an affordable and unbelievably sharp blade. Unlike many other knives I have owned and used, this one needed very minimal maintenance. For over a week I used this knife, putting it through all sorts of use, not once did it not exceed my expectations. From proteins to vegetables it never let me down. These knives will now be in my knife kit every day, for the rest of my career

Chef Jordan Holley Ottawa

It is the first time I have ever owned a fine Japanese kitchen knife. It is amazingly sharp,light and comfortable to use. Here at our organic farm we grow and prepare many fine vegetables and foods. We also make sauerkraut. We slice the cabbage by hand and in the last year my knife from www.finejapanesekitchenknives.com sliced over 1000 cabbages.

With lesser knives my wrist would ache, but the fine balance, incredible edge, and smooth cutting action of this handmade Japanese knife has allowed my wrist to feel great and speed my prep time considerably. All the folks who cut cabbage at Juniper Farm are grateful for such an elegant blade.

Alex Mackay-Smith - Owner - Juniper Organic Farm Wakefield QC

It's a pleasure when a kitchen tool can also be a work of art.

Anne DesBrisay Food Writer

When I received my damascus petty knife, almost overnight from finejapanesekitchenknives.com, I immediately pulled out a bag of carrots and started to julienne. The knife was so sharp and cut the carrots so effortlessly I almost thought they were cooked. This hand beautiful Japanese knife has become my prized 'go to' tool in the kitchen for all but the most heavy duty tasks. My block of German knives from Costco are now in the back of the cupboard. This knife makes my prep fast and fun. It made such a difference to me I bought 5 for my sons and daughter. They love them too and I think so will you.

S McGuire - BBQ Enthusiast Carp, Ontario

As an affectionado of fine knives and an owner of 2 Shun Bob Kramer knives I am not easily impressed. The Artisan Santoku is however a very impressive knife. I look for hardness and quality of steel, edge retention, balance and comfort. These qualities are apparent in my Artisan which seems to hold it's edge almost indefinitely in home use. The powdered steel core enables this knife to glide through tasks in my kitchen. It is light and comfortable and will always have a top place on my knife rack.

Ivan Roy - Mushroom Forager Canada

At under half the weight of my previously favorite knife this 17 layer hand hammered Damascus is the sexiest blade I have ever owned. It is undeniably the sharpest and most maneuverable knife in my kit. Do not even ask to borrow this knife.

Chef Robert Noel Chelsea

I love the authentic rustic look of the black top and blue steel edge of my zen chef 105mm paring knife. This little knife rocks and works bigger than it's size. With great knuckle clearance, and a smooth oval rosewood handle it feels good in my hand. It is excellent for all my smaller cutting tasks like mincing shallots, garlic and preparing my mise en place. I like to use it preparing a rack of lamb and boning small fish. The blue steel stays sharp and with just a few passes on the waterstone it gets wicked sharp. Its a great knife for pros and home use and I am thinking of buying its bigger brother the funayuki.

Shawn Marsh - Sous Chef at Allium

I have been working my new Yusu chef knife and I really love it. I bought the 210 mm gyuto. It has great weight and is a really nice blade.It is a finesse blade that keeps its edge and with white # 1 core steel it is easy to maintain.Great value at under $199. The D handle makes for a secure and comfortable grip. Thanks Chris. I really like my Yusu.

Chef Pat Garland - Gold Medal Plates Winner 2014

Yusu's are great knives.Extra care has been taken to upgrade Yusu's from cheaper versions.The handle is a comfortable D (can be reversed for lefties) with Buffalo horn, the spine is rounded not rough and the blade seriously hand honed on waterstones.

They cut like a T Fujiwara (in other words like through butter).Terrific and tough, do not be put off from the hand forged rustic look. They will cut circles around many knives twice the price.The nakiri is just sick.

Lake House Chef

I spoke at length with Chris before settling on my Custom Bog Oak and curly Koa Shigefusa. His knowledge and insights of the art of the blade along with guidance in selecting the right blade was impressive. The comfortable handles he creates (then matches with a specific blade) are works of art in their own right. For me, a high performance tool is a joy to use. When a handle of this quality is attached to the right blade it becomes high performance art. Of course aesthetics are not what this knife was made for. Does it perform? In a word, Yes. I began dinner prep with shredding a few brussel sprouts. The knife glided through the brussels with precision. I began to slice thinner and thinner sections. Soon I had made confetti of the entire bag. Having forgotten dinner prep I then razored a red pepper into fine spears and sliced and diced a head of celery. Moving through my vegetables drawer, I made a stack of translucent carrot slivers. To complete the Shig's test run, I French-cut some green beans. I then turned my attention to making dinner for my wife, who was bemused at the smile on my face. As an amateur home cook I am having fun with this phenomenal knife. I can only imagine how much better it would perform in the hands of a professional chef.

In my opinion, anyone interested in getting the best taste, value, and presentation from the food they prepare needs to have the right tools. One of Chris' quality knives can change how you treat your food and by extension, how you treat yourself through what you eat.

Ken Carl 3x National Photographer of the Year USA

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