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The Shapton GlassStone Sharpening System

"The World's Finest Waterstones unmatched in Speed and Precision"

The Dream high performance, Japanese kitchen knives on this site feature incredibly hard steels like r2, Super Aogami and Shiogami 1. These steels when hand forged by the master smiths like Shosui Takeda, Takamura ,T Fujiwara and Saji-San are capable of wicked sharp edges. Shapton GlassStones are the Dream stones to maintain and restore these exquisite kitchen knives. Shapton is a small Japanese boutique manufacturer of these high end, beautifully designed and engineered tempered glass backed waterstones called GlassStones. These elegant long lasting stones are simply unmatched in speed and consistency. The precise ceramic particle size is measured in microns and uniform throughout each GlassStone.They are a joy to use.

GlassStones are splash and go without smell, muddy mess and are so fast you will likely sharpen 2 or 3 knives in the time it now takes you to sharpen 1 knife. The finely engineered accessories are second to none in beauty and function. The field stand serves both as a secure portable stone holder, non slip sharpening stand and drying stand for the GlassStones.

The diamond on glass flattening stone is absolutely the finest in the world. The sharpening pond is genius for the serious sharpener. I have a high end Japanese stone collection including some exotic natural stones. I believe Shapton GlassStones will repair and resharpen your edges faster and with more uniformity than any other stones. GlassStones IMO are the World's top ceramic sharpening stone system. Your knife is art! Sharpening is an art! Advance your ability and invest in the Shapton GlassStone system. Your edges will sing and your satisfaction may soar. I highly recommend the 500/2000/16k kit below.

Chefs Pro 3 GS Kit

Chefs Pro 3 GlassStone Kit

This elegantly engineered 3 stone sharpening kit with triple purpose sharpening stand/drying stand and portable stone holder will transform a dream knife, dull edge to a mirror polish fast. The 500 GlassStone (29.4 micron) sets the bevel. The 2000 (7.3 micron) refines the edge to a great working edge and the 16k (.92 micron) will yield a nice polished edge.I have many expensive natural and man made stones but this kit is the one to invest in.You will save time, boost your confidence and have some wicked sharp edges on your favorite knives and razors. All the GlassStones measure (210mm x 70mm) or 2 3/4 inch by 8 1/4 inch. Hap, President of Shapton NA and a lifelong sharpener highlights the 3 stone set in the video below.

Chefs Pro 3 GS Kit

Old School 2 GS Set

Old School 2 GlassStone Set

If you prefer the 1000 and 4000 GlassStones to get your hard edged knives to a paper shredding edge. These 2 GlassStones will satisfy. The 1000 (14.7 micron) is a fast cutting starting stone that rapidly yields a nice toothy working edge. The 4000 (3.68 micron) will refine the toothy 1000 edge. Many cooks use the 4000 for daily touch ups before shift on their fine Japanese hard edged performance steel.


Single Shapton GlassStones

The Shapton 500 GlassStone (29.4 micron)

Shapton 500 GlassStone
(29.4 micron)

The 500 GlassStone (29.4 micron) is a foundational stone in the Shapton progression. Just splash + go to repair chips, set a bevel or begin your sharpening progression. The uniform particles produce an impressive result with speed and a light scratch pattern for a first stone. It is an exceptional stone. Pro sharpeners swear by this stone and the double thick 500.


Shapton 1000 GlassStone (29.4 micron)

Shapton 1000 GlassStone
(14.7 micron)

The Shapton 1000 GlassStone (14.7 micron) is a very popular, high value, fast cutting alternate starting stone. it will cut the toughest steels quickly and leave a toothy edge. Excellent for refining factory edges.Very capable on woodworking tools.Sharpening should be a pleasure and not a time vampire chore.The 1000 will bring a smile.


Shapton 2000 GlassStone (7.3 micron)

Shapton 2000 GlassStone
(7.3 micron)

The Shapton 2000 GlassStone (7.3 micron) is my favorite stone for refining the 500 edge. This is a versatile stone also suitable for quick touch ups on the fine Japanese kitchen knives showcased on this website.


Shapton 4000 GlassStone (3.68 micron)

Shapton 4000 GlassStone
(3.68 micron)

The Shapton 4000 GlassStone (3.68 micron) for many cooks is a fine finishing stone to follow the 1000 or 500. Sharpening can be a zen activity but in a busy commercial kitchen Shapton GlassStones rule as superior edges achieved quickly is the ticket.

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Shapton 6000 GlassStone (2.45 micron)

Shapton 6000 GlassStone
(2.45 micron)

The Shapton 6000 GlassStone (2.45 micron) is an alternate fine finishing stone. Old school sharpeners who often used a 1000/6000 progression will be surprised with the quality of the finish this Shapton will provide.

North American Customers

International Customers


Shapton 8000 GlassStone (1.84 micron)

Shapton 8000 GlassStone
(1.84 micron)

The Shapton 8000 GlassStone (1.84 micron) is a favorite of woodworkers and razor users for the refined polished edge this stone imparts.It can also be the final step in a 1000, 4000 knife progression.

North American Customers

International Customers


Shapton 16k GlassStone (.92 micron)

Shapton 16k GlassStone
(.92 micron)

The Shapton 16k GlassStone (.92 micron) is the cat's ass for ultra refinement. Just a few light trailing strokes and your favorite Japanese kitchen knife will have a more enduring edge. Mirror smooth edge capability.


Shapton 30k GlassStone (.49 micron)

Shapton 30k GlassStone
(.49 micron)

The Shapton 30k GlassStone (.49 micron) is some say the world's finest small micron stone.A must for true enthusiasts. This incredible last a lifetime stone puts scary sharp edges on straight razors and replaces stropping with pastes and sprays. Expensive yes, but worth it for the most demanding user.

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Shapton Diamond on Glass Lapping Plate DGLP

Shapton Diamond on Glass Lapping Plate DGLP

The Shapton Diamond on Glass Lapping Plate DGLP in Hap's words is a life changing tool in the sharpeners arsenal. Murray Carter can probably sharpen a shirogami gyuto edge mirror smooth on a brook stone but most of us really do benefit enormously by having truly flat stones to produce the very best edge. The DGLP is the premier lapping plate in the world with a deviation of less than 5 microns. This micro diamond chip on glass will flatten your 500 to 30k stones in about 60 secs. Yes it costs for this state of the art DGLP but once you invest in one you will see your edges improve and in less time.Hap explains on the video below.


Shapton Field Holder

Shapton Field Holder

The Shapton Field Holder is the most versatile and beautifully engineered I have ever seen. It secures the GlassStone, provides a non slip grip on most surfaces. It functions as a stone drying stand and as a chefs secure portable stone case with the big velcro strap. Truly wonderful design.

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Shapton Pond

Shapton Pond

The Shapton Pond is genius. Weighing in at about 7 lbs the pond is a no mess black rubber framed glass sharpening base. Engineered to elevate your sharpening experience and edge results The pond is 15 inches by 12 by 3 1/2 and makes clean up a snap not a nasty chore. Special order due to size and shipping weight) Call to discuss.


My view is many of you have invested in a hand forged world class Japanese knife from me. But even a Ferrari needs care and maintenance to perform at such high levels. The Shapton system blows other stones and set ups out of the water, saves you so much time, produces such uniform edges with no mess, smell or big $ layout. That is why I agreed to be an authorized shapton dealer.


I'm thrilled that Chris is carrying Shapton products. I sharpen knives professionally, by hand every day. Shapton Glass Water Stones are crucial components of my setup. Their ability to removed fatigued metal quickly on even the hardest of steels is unquestionable, the abrasive power of these stones are extremely impressive. They dish slowly and are easy to keep flat. I can't imagine my sharpening life without Shapton.
Thanks Chris.
Peter Nowlan Owner/Sharpener New Edge Sharpening

Black Max and White Max Ceramic Sharpening/Honing Rods

You should never use a steel on a high performance Japanese knife. I have seen old school chefs pull out their ancient steels and I see a nice chip in the making. Black Max was designed with hard edge Japanese knives in mind. It is a superfine black ceramic that will hone and align the edge with a few gentle strokes on a 2 sided knife. it is not a sharpener. White max is a medium grit so can hone and sharpen if that is you wish. These 10 1/2 inch (break resistant) rods used properly will extend the life of your edge working the line or when your GlassStones are not at your side. They are quite useful tools to add to your kit at a very special price to my customers of $39 each. You will find the same rods selling up to $59 or more. I requested these to be smooth and without ribs as in my experience the ribs could damage a fine edge like Takeda AS or Fujiwara Maboroshi.

Black Max Sharpening/Honing Rods

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White Max Sharpening/Honing Rods

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